Do You Think My Ice Cream Misses Me As Much As I Miss It?

I adore ice cream. It’s obviously not something I eat often but I sincerely enjoy when I do eat it. I have a habit of buying vegan ice cream and leaving it in my friend’s freezers as a treat while hanging out. Never keeping it in my own freezer prevents me from eating the whole pint in one sitting (don’t judge; you’ve done it too). Ice cream, for me, is something infrequent and special. I look forward to as much as I look forward to spending time with friends I love.

Seriously guys, I spent the summer living with my cousin and talked about getting ice cream ad nauseam. In the end, I ate ice cream like three times the entire summer. It’s a love/hate situation for sure. lol

After recently moving back home, I made a new friend rather quickly. Since all of my close friends have busy lives involving jobs, children or both it was kind of nice to just chill and feel comfortable in my own skin with someone new. My new friend laughed when I mentioned leaving my ice cream in the freezer and was completely on board with the concept. There were jokes about it not being there upon my return and I laughed, replying that I understood the risk I was taking.

Then, unbeknownst to me, my new friend’s life changed. Not in a bad way, just in a way that changed our current dynamic. I’m usually pretty laid back with people’s schedules but I never know how to react when I’m still following the same course and the other person has deviated. AKA Shit changed but no one bothered to tell me. After a few failed attempts to hang out, I caught on to the big picture. We had (rather abruptly) become acquaintances.

Yeah yeah, ok, no more hanging out, got it, but… FUCK; my ice cream. The cost of a pint of vegan ice cream, ladies and gentlemen, is not cheap. What to do? Eat the cost but not the ice cream? Flat out ask to get it back? I had never been in such a silly situation before. A normal person probably would have just cut their losses and run but needless to say, I’m far from normal. I knew the person wasn’t actually going to eat it; it was vegan. So I decided to attempt to get it back. Operation: “Rescue My Vegan Ice Cream”.

I tried hinting at my ice cream by sending a quick, funny text about how I hoped their day was happy and I was so good because I didn’t think about ice cream at all; they laughed and then the conversation went dead. About a week later I was a bit more bold. I sent another text asking if they were around cuz you know, ice cream. They laughed and said no; again the conversation went dead. There’s only so many times a person can text about ice cream though, before it becomes weird, so I gave up.

In a conversation with a different friend we discussed how my constant moving, the growing pains of returning home, unpacking, and my new job had prevented me from painting for a while. My friend asked when I had last been emotionally inspired to create something. I realized it had been a while and decided I would use the next day to be creative.

The next morning, as I was laying in bed, I thought about how the new friendship had quickly faded out. I understand that people ebb and flow and I had even sacrificed ice cream for the cause. I was suddenly inspired to do something creative and funny. Since most of my art supplies are still packed, I quickly sketched out a drawing and colored it with crayons and a sharpie. An enormous ice cream sundae with a sad, feral puppy next to it asking, “Do you think my ice cream misses me as much as I miss it?” I sent the drawing* as a text message and the person laughed. I made the joke, that it seemed shameful to keep a girl’s ice cream from her and the person laughed again. Within the hour, I had my ice cream back.

A lot of my art, paintings, photographs, drawings, writings, etc. etc. come from a very emotional place. Sure this blog post was technically about retrieving vegan ice cream but it was also about a new experience in my life that ended. How a simple pencil and crayon drawing about ice cream can also be artistic catharsis and closure. Had this new person instantly become my best friend? Of course not, we barely know each other. Yet, it was still something happy that had come to an end rather quickly. Everyone processes thoughts and feelings in a unique way. Mine is usually through art.

So my ice cream was returned to me (and eaten within two days; whoops.) and I’ve mentally processed and moved forward from another one of life’s changes. I’ve learned though, that life’s growing pains are easier to handle when there’s ice cream in your own freezer.

*For a gander at the aforementioned drawing, hop on over to my Instagram page.

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